in the room where you sleep


Roman Polanski’s Repulsion crawls towards you in the dark with slippery fingers and the dead stare of Catherine Deneuve.

Carol seeks the company of women. she lives with her sister next to a convent and works as a manicurist at a women’s spa, whilst the intrusion of men disturbs her to the point of repulsion. when Carol is left alone in the apartment as her sister goes on holiday, her traumatic past decides to drop past and say hello.

although Carol’s illusions makes your blood turn cold, Polanski’s portrayal of men is equally chilling. as sexual predators and amorous stalkers they pray on her every move, wanting more as she turns the other way, forcefully invading her private space. the representation of ‘uncontrollable’ male sexuality is rarely discussed and instead taken for some sort of biological truth. why don’t men get angry?


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