spiders of mine


tear pages,
flakes of skindeep writing

and blame the inhibitions,
the child-eyed spiders with clownish smiles
spinning webs in your mind
until your imagination is just a reflection of history
grinning thought-catchers
creators of illusions
hail the homeland
the family
and all those loving couples
who carve holes in each other’s backs

the lines are all neat,
but her pores are blood filled and black
apart from the pack, a lack
of flies in her mouth
so let the shouts ring loud in the streets
girls are weak for attention
they quiver and they cry
besides, it’s all a lie
a big fat laugh
we eat spiders off the wall
and we grow tall and grow proud
well fed on the screams and thrusts of jokers
and their simple visions

can you smell the fire in her eyes?


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