slow death


no more page 3

finally people are opposing the British media’s casual objectification of women.

the page 3-girl is not ‘an institution’ as The Sun’s editor Dominic Mohan states, but a continuous violation of the female subject, whose “use value” is determined by the male gaze. the sultry images do not represent an innocent tradition depicting sexual interplay, but firmly advocates a patriarchal set of politics from which women are constantly ostracised. rather than being a “nostalgic” reminder of the 1950s pinup, page 3 normalises the sexual double standard and reinforces traditional gender norms. the bodily exposure is not an indication of liberated female sexuality, however daily contributes to a deficient illusion of female beauty.

according to The Sun and The Star half of the British population should be judged by cup-size rather than acknowledged for professional abilities, personality or intelligence. this is clearly degrading, but more importantly belittles women in social and political contexts, while also naturalising media sexism.

if the UK’s best selling newspaper continues to publish topless images of women it will be a confirmation of patriarchal dominance, a society in which the female is subordinated, objectified, the other. a debate which was supposedly settled in favour of gender equality a long time ago?

sign the petition and end the corrupt institution of page 3!

we also got drunk, not knowing how much to tip at the bar

an old homeless man spat at the back of my friend’s heel in Rochester. the streets change from one end to the other, an America of diversity in every sense of the word. extremities, extreme bodies, extreme poverty. an unhinged atmosphere like obscure glass fibres of destruction in the air, invisible but everywhere and silently digging into the walls of your throat. freedom is a clichéd American catch phrase, but whose freedom are they proclaiming? most people we met couldn’t afford a passport.

vad är svenskhet?

vem skulle vilja förknippas med SDs tolkning (illustrerad i den här videon) av svenskhet och Sverige? vilka är dessa svenska värderingar som Almqvist slänger omkring sig men inte förtydligar? för de enda budskap som når fram till mig, tyngda av en förlamande trångsynthet, tycks förmedla hat, ignorans och ett förakt gentemot allting som är det minsta främmande eller annorlunda.

försvunna är de svenska värderingar som jag växte upp med. vad hände med solidariteten, respekten, nyfikenheten inför en kontrastrik omvärld och förmågan att lyssna till andra människors åsikter och berättelser?

om SDs definition av svenskhet fick råda skulle jag vara en total främling i mitt eget land.